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Want to GAMIFY your learning content?

Not sure where to start? 


Join Dr. Bordogna for the

Gamification Learning Design Workshop!

Let's Play!

During this half-day, hands-on gamification design workshop,  you will play games to create a lesson using a gamification design process adapted for learning professionals.


Studies have shown that incorporating gamification into learning has resulted in the following:

What attendees are saying....

"I really enjoyed the gamification workshop with Melissa and Adan. The concepts were explained well and the activities were fully supported by the facilitators. The idea of not being creatively blocked was also a great benefit. It's a great fundamental start to gamification in learning, even if you think you have no prior knowledge." --Melbourne Attendee


"This course was really interesting and provided a very different and engaging way of training people."  --Melbourne Attendee


"Gamification of content is learning design made sexy. Everything, from the terminology to the processes are very familiar but wrapped in an aura of edgyness. I now appear 23% more cool when I talk about learning design and the core components of effective eLearning thanks to this course!" --Brisbane Attendee


"Thank you for opening my eyes to gamification and its place in the current training environment, and into the future. It was beneficial for me personally to gain an understanding of how it is not just about creating a game out of everything. Using elements of gamification can be applied to enhance other learning experiences and provide another set of valuable tools to my trainers kit bag."  --Brisbane Attendee



"Must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the course as I am far from being a ‘geek’ or ‘gamer’ or ‘tech head’ !!! However, I was quite impressed with the workings of this genre of eLearning and enjoyed the brainstorming - based experiences influenced by both the props and our own input. The facilitator was open to all comments and constructive criticisms of the gamifying processes and provided a fair and balanced argument on its place in adult learning." --Brisbane Attendee


ALL participants will leave with their own set of the AddingPlay toolkit --

Appx.  $50 value.


Participants need to bring a learning outline, lesson plan or content for up to a 45 minute lesson around which they will develop the shell of a gamified experience.

By the end of the workshop you will be:


  • Thinking like a gamification guru

  • Transforming your lessons into remarkably playful experiences

  • Expanding your imagination through the power of play

  • Gamifying your lessons in record time

  • Creating greater meaningful ideas, quicker

  • Having fun in the process

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